pvc ceiling panels

PVC Ceiling Panel Suppliers

PVC ceiling panel suppliers provide various designs and styles of PVC cladding panels for home ceilings.

These PVC cladding materials are durable, moisture resistant, and offer maximum comfort to homeowners.

Many ceiling panels contain air-polluting chemicals like formaldehyde and chemical flame retardants; to avoid air pollution, look for PVC panels without such ingredients.

Light conference room or office open space interior


PVC ceiling panels are made from rigid materials that can withstand the knocks and bumps caused by people in a room, as well as reflect sound instead of absorbing it, providing more pleasant living conditions for their inhabitants. Furthermore, these ceiling panels are fire resistant – an added layer of safety in any building.

PVC ceiling panels differ from POP or gypsum ceilings by being resistant to mould and mildew growth, making them suitable for areas that experience frequent moisture, such as basements, garages and grow rooms.

Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Plastic ceiling panels are often less expensive than alternative materials, making them a smart budget-friendly solution for builders. Installation can also be quick and effortless without needing special coatings or varnishes for maintenance purposes.


PVC ceiling panels are constructed to be lightweight to avoid weighting down an existing ceiling and make installation and transport simpler. Furthermore, PVC panels have far stronger structures than their POP or gypsum counterparts and won’t bend or warp with time.

These frames come in various styles and colours to fit any room in which they’re displayed, so you’re sure to find one that speaks to your individual sense of style. Some even come constructed to mimic natural wood grains for an added touch of elegance in any setting.

Extrutech panels feature smooth surfaces that are easy to keep clean with just an occasional wipe with a mild cleaner. Their chemical, rust and moisture resistance meet USDA/CFIA specifications for use in food processing facilities or wet environments.

Easy to Install

PVC ceiling panels feature a smooth surface that requires little upkeep yet are easy to keep clean, making them the ideal solution for areas producing lots of moisture, such as kitchens, basements and utility rooms. Plus, these PVC panels resist mildew and mould growth for added peace of mind.

Ceiling panels feature more rigid structures than typical materials, enabling a tighter fit and improved appearance and making electrical wiring installation more straightforward. When choosing ceiling panels with wooden frames over adhesive adhesives, it may be wiser to opt for screws rather than glue for mounting purposes.

Before installing ceiling panels, you must establish where they will go. Once this plan has been drawn up, use a pencil to mark out where they should go and cut your panels to size based on this plan. Use adhesive glue to secure them to your ceiling.

Easy to Clean

PVC panels don’t need special coatings or paint applications to stay in good condition; just using a damp cloth may keep them looking new.

PVC ceiling panels boast another advantage in that they’re moisture and mould-proof, helping reduce damage over time and making them perfect for environments with high humidity and water levels.

PVC ceiling panels offer more than simple ease of care: they’re also fire retardant – which makes them an invaluable safety feature, helping slow the spread of flames and giving people more time to escape should an emergency occur.

Looks Like Wood

PVC ceiling panels come in various styles, such as those resembling wood grain. They’re handy for commercial and industrial settings that guard against moisture or dampness – including dairy parlours, laundromats, breweries and meat processing units.

Furthermore, they’re more cost-effective than FRP panels as you won’t require adhesives, mounted rivets, or wooden backers for installation. You’ll save labour costs as the installation process is much simpler.

PVC ceiling panels are paintable, meaning you can change their colour whenever you decorate. Choose between glossy or matte finishes; both options look great and simplify cleanup.