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Technology In The Kitchen: The Latest Innovations

The latest news from the tech world on state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and accessories: from apps to communicate with the refrigerator to much more

From induction that uses electromagnetic fields to apps that allow you to transform appliances into mini computers with a thousand functions: this is how things have changed in recent years, in the kitchen and beyond.

In this article we went to discover the best innovations in the hi-tech field concerning our kitchens: after you have finished reading this article, induction hobs will not seem so technological to you.

You just have to continue with the list of latest generation kitchen appliances and accessories, designed to make life easier.

Home automation in the kitchen

If you are wondering what the kitchen of the future will be like, just think that the “simple” induction hob seemed like a real revolution a few years ago, and is now increasingly present as a substitute for gas.

The real innovations concerning modern kitchens have to do with the world of the Internet and with intelligent functions, such as to make the new appliances like small computers. Our homes are now able to interact and respond to specific commands.

A kitchen, even a small one, but equipped with the right accessories and technological appliances, is a help for people who are disorganized or who do not have much time to dedicate to this area of ​​the house.

Everything comes from home automation, that is what today makes possible the connections between the various household appliances and their remote programming. A Wi-Fi network or a hub control unit are essential to transform our homes into an “intelligent system”, capable of interacting and responding to precise commands.

“Ghost” taps and hoods

The latest innovations in the kitchen also concern design which, when combined with technology, is in many cases a winning mix. The up & down systems, i.e. concealed, are among the most popular in the world of modern kitchens: accessories and appliances appear and disappear as needed, leaving room for a sober and elegant environment.

Although from an aesthetic point of view they are not compatible with those with more traditional preferences in furniture, these innovations also aim at practicality. The idea of ​​a ghost faucet, which with a single gesture raises and lowers until it disappears into the top, is an ideal solution if the sink is positioned, for example, under a window.

The same principle is applied to the hood that camouflages the element, so as to disappear in the plane that houses it. A motorized mechanism allows the appliance to appear only when needed and to merge completely with the rest of the kitchen top.

But that’s not all, the new generation hoods communicate with the cookers thanks to the presence of a sensor system, which allows the two appliances to interact. When the hob comes on, the hood opens and starts automatically. The best models also regulate the suction power themselves, based on cooking.

The cooking apps

Let’s now talk about the ovens that in recent times have been the protagonists of this hi-tech revolution in our kitchens. The newer ones “communicate” with owners in different ways and no longer only with light signals or acoustic “beeps”.

It is possible to let the appliance choose the ideal type of cooking, selecting the food inserted, or choose whether to steam cook to ensure maximum nutrients. If you don’t know where to start, to use the new technological oven, don’t worry: just download the apps designed for these appliances (available for Android and iOS) that allow you to program them in a simple and intuitive way, even at distance.

You can then turn on the oven and choose the temperature, program and cooking duration, all without even being home already. An ideal solution that allows for more organization in the kitchen and perhaps a little more free time.

Refrigerators to order groceries and more

Another appliance that has made great strides in terms of “automation” in recent years is the refrigerator, which makes life in the kitchen more functional. The first striking aspect of modern models is undoubtedly their design, which with the different finishes and innovative shapes, becomes a furnishing element of the kitchens.

The second positive aspect is obviously the technology that distinguishes them: modern refrigerators are characterized by an operation that allows foods to keep their nutritional properties unaltered and not only, also the flavors and colors.

They balance humidity, power and temperature in order to guarantee maximum performance and respect the nutritional characteristics of food. The latest generation refrigerators can exceed capacities of 500 liters net, but there are several options to meet all needs. Whether large or small, it is certainly packed with features and perhaps even an Internet connection to order groceries online.