What are the most famous gourmet cooking shows?

They have been a fashion for almost twenty years, they cheer up the hours spent at home and you always learn something to play the next time you prepare a dinner. We are talking about cooking shows and cooking programs on TV, a pastime, a way of learning and grasping the true essence behind every dish of famous chefs and gourmet restaurants.

But what are the best gourmet cooking shows?

Master Chef

The evergreen Master Chef is a Talent Show in which the strongest, most tenacious and creative one wins. At each episode, twenty competitors who are passionate about cooking and without any experience compete in ever-changing heart-pounding challenges. It may happen that you have to prepare recipes from starred chefs trying to achieve the same result. Or to prepare banquets and express services for a multitude of people ready to give their opinion. But it is the very strict star judges who put the last word on the competitors’ performances.

Cooks and Flames, from the inventor of the term show cooking

Simone Rugiati, a well-known personality and cook, is considered the inventor of show cooking, the art of explaining a dish live not only from a technical but also a conceptual point of view. In addition to preparing recipes live on his social pages – his chocolate cake is excellent – for ten years he has been hosting the program Cooks and Flames in which two non-professional chefs compete in the preparation of four courses judged by a strict jury.

4 Restaurants

Gourmet chefs and inveterate traditionalists in a genuine challenge competed by the real protagonists of catering, small restaurateurs. Four restaurants, located in the same area, are competing with each other to determine which is the best. Location, service, price and quality of the cuisine are the factors that are considered and voted by the competitors. It is precisely his vote, which is revealed at the last, to decide the winner awarded with a sum of five thousand euros to spend on his business. 4 Restaurants is a program that offers the opportunity to learn how we should be treated in a restaurant, how much we should pay and is a way to discover small businesses that offer gourmet dishes, from appetizer to meat or fish dishes, at an appropriate price.

Chef’s Table

Cooking is an art and as such it is the expression of an interiority, rather than a simple technicality. With these assumptions, Chef’s Table was born, a documentary that in each episode has a different starred chef as its protagonist and that tells his story from a not only culinary but also a personal point of view. Each episode reveals new things, as chefs who are not limited only to transformation, but also to the production of raw materials sometimes reinvented ad hoc. You can find chefs who have made a cooking method their own cooking style. Among these Francis Mallmann, who with an ancient cooking method such as the grill, prepares highly appreciated specialties all over the world.

One of the first episodes features one of the chefs with the most Michelin stars. Reckless and visionary even in quarantine, a period in which he launched the kitchen quarantine – a show cooking as a gourmet chef live on Instagram, designed to distract Italians in a difficult period, in which it is not possible to participate in trade fairs.