kitchen innovation

New technologies in the kitchen: what you need to know

Cooking, preservation,… let’s discover how technology is changing the kitchen.

There is no doubt, any chef would agree: the technology of recent years has changed the way of thinking about the kitchen. What was previously linked to the classic techniques of cooking and preserving food, is today only one of the many solutions that can be implemented in the kitchen.

Benefits of new technologies in the kitchen

The customers of the restaurants are more and more informed and demanding and satisfying their requires an ever greater effort to keep up with the times. In the kitchen it is therefore essential to use equipment that supports the chef in creating new recipes, new methods of preparing dishes that are able to meet the tastes and expectations of customers.

Having the latest generation equipment in a professional kitchen, innovative, always reliable even in moments of intense work is now the element that makes the difference.

The choice of high quality machinery inevitably influences the results of cooking and preparing dishes. Fortunately, these machines are often equipped with intuitive systems that are easy to use by the entire kitchen team, reducing time and costs and, at the same time, improving results and minimizing waste. It is not cheap!


So, in summary, what are the advantages of the evolution of professional equipment?

  • increasingly reliable and precise machinery;
  • the conservation-cooking cycles can be programmed;
  • control of cooking is simpler;
  • the work is simplified, speeded up and at the same time improves the quality level of the product.

The choice of equipment

In this constantly evolving context, it must be taken into account that choosing the right equipment is a step that should not be underestimated

It is a good idea to choose flexible, small, light machinery equipped with wheels to facilitate movement, so as to be able to make the most of it in any context.

Vacuum packing machines and blast chiller

This machine allows you to preserve food for a long time by completely eliminating the air from the container in which it is inserted, in particular the oxygen, which causes oxidation of the food. The storage time of the product varies greatly depending on the food stored, from 6 to 21 days.

What are the benefits? – correct storage – avoid food waste – optimize times thanks to pre-cooking – serve customers always fresh food

Now let’s talk about another machine that in the past years has brought about a big change in the way of handling food in professional kitchens: the Blast Chiller.

It is a device that makes it possible to cool food down to -43 ° C in a very short time, usually about 90 minutes. In this way, many advantages are obtained: – you can freeze any product without its organoleptic qualities being altered – you can guarantee customers always the freshest ingredients – it is possible to reduce the waiting time of customers at the table – food waste is reduced, by better concentrating purchases for raw materials – allows compliance with the provisions of EU regulations (Regulations 852/2004 and 853/2004) which provide for the obligation of the blast chiller for raw fish.

Innovation: Low temperature cooking

The roner is a tool that facilitates the “sous-vide” cooking method, as the French call it, which consists in cooking food at lower temperatures than usual – between 55 and 60 ° C – and for a very long time, keeping the food inside plastic bags from which the air has been removed thanks to the vacuum machines. Packaged foods are immersed in a container full of water, equipped with a thermostat that keeps the temperature constant. This system allows the food to be cooked evenly, allowing it to retain its organoleptic characteristics: the result is perfectly cooked food.

These techniques and machinery allow to optimize work in the kitchen to the maximum, reducing time, costs and necessary personnel, without questioning the high quality of the dishes prepared.