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The Best Small Kitchen Ideas

There are many ways to improve your kitchen space, and our best small kitchen ideas are able to fit in with just about any style or budget. From inexpensive DIY projects to more extensive remodelling projects, there are ways to maximize your space and improve your quality of life. From smart storage solutions to organizational tricks, small kitchen ideas can help you create a functional space that still looks amazing.



There are many ways to break up the monotony of white cabinets in a small kitchen, and one of them is to add other finishes. One option is to opt for wood or a more contrasting two-tone finish. These finishes will keep the overall look minimal while allowing you to add a further accent colour. Another option is to install a statement wallpaper. Choose a characterful paper with a motif of birds and branches that ties in with the wooden worktops.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great alternative to wall cabinets that occupy awkward corners in a small kitchen. They offer additional storage without sacrificing the room’s appearance. Floating shelves can be the perfect place to display a collection of dishes, mugs, and serving pieces. And because floating shelves don’t conceal the surface underneath, they are easy to clean. The only downside is that you have to remove all items from the shelves on a weekly basis to maintain their clean look.

Built-in Furniture

There are plenty of benefits of built-in furniture in a small kitchen. For one thing, they allow you to utilize vertical space more efficiently. You can use floor-to-ceiling shelves to store small appliances, cookbooks, and dishes while freeing up counter space in a kitchen with limited space. For another benefit, you can install extra shelving to organize smaller appliances and items.

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Adding a Counter Bar

Adding a counter bar to a small kitchen is a great way to add more workspace to the room. While the main concern is water mains, the counter bar can double as a table. These units are easy to install and are available at home improvement stores. They are also convenient for extra storage space. The main concern with installing counter height sinks is water mains.

Adding a Backsplash

Backsplashes can be a great way to add extra storage space to a small kitchen. For example, a backsplash made of stainless steel supports a rail system that keeps cooking utensils out of the way but close at hand. Store knives and other tools near the prep area. Backsplashes can tie together several different styles. In a modern-meets-cottage kitchen, for example, rows of tiles of different thicknesses create a cohesive design.

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Adding a Copper Planter

Adding a copper planter to your compact kitchen is an effective decoration solution. By using a planter, you can add a decorative accent while keeping the space clutter-free. You can also reuse a salad bowl as a planter. It is easy to build and requires only three legs. To add decoration, fill it with vibrant seasonal greens.