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Five of the Best Plants For the Kitchen

Houseplants are among the most useful kitchen plants. Not only do they beautify your kitchen, they also purify the air. This is particularly beneficial to smokers and people who have pets. In addition to cleaning the air, houseplants also purify the water in your sink, microwave, and stove. These are the best plants for your kitchen! Read on to learn more about the benefits of these plants. Here are five of the best plants for the kitchen:

Aloe vera

In the kitchen, aloe vera is a wonderful addition. The plant is drought-tolerant, which means you don’t have to worry about watering it constantly. Instead, water it only when the top inch of soil becomes dry. The plant also doesn’t need to be watered much, except in times of drought. During hot days, watering may be infrequent, but it’s still necessary to give it adequate water.

Areca palm

If you’re looking for an indoor plant that doesn’t require much maintenance, the Areca palm is the perfect choice. It prefers bright, filtered light, but tolerates full sun if it receives protection from hot afternoon sun. Indoor areca palms thrive best when exposed to bright light from a south or west-facing window. Indoors, they prefer a peat-based potting mix with adequate drainage. Outdoors, they require rich, slightly acidic soil. Add organic matter to the soil to enhance nutrient levels and prevent root rot.

Peace lily

If you have a small kitchen, a peace lily can be an excellent choice for a houseplant. The flower is small and easy to care for, and the plants grow from rhizomes. They’re native to southeast Asia and central America, but won’t grow much more than three feet indoors. In fact, peace lilies are the best houseplants to use as air purifiers because they clean the air around them.


When choosing a houseplant, you may be wondering if Cyclamen is the right plant for your kitchen. This popular flower has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen, from garnishing to providing a beautiful accent to your kitchen. However, Cyclamen is not for everyone. It’s poisonous to humans and pets, so keeping it out of reach of children and pets is crucial. Even though Cyclamen looks gorgeous in your kitchen, it’s important to maintain proper watering habits.

Spider plant

If you’re a busy mom, a spider plant is an excellent choice for your kitchen. The plant’s powerful properties make it an excellent choice for the kitchen, removing bad odors and purifying the air. It grows in pots and hanging baskets and can survive in almost any location. It is easy to maintain and requires only occasional pruning and watering. Unlike many other plants, spider plants don’t require watering regularly.