Building services engineering is all the architecture, design, construction and maintenance of the facilities and comfort levels in commercial buildings. It includes any machine or equipment inside a building which makes that particular space convenient and secure. It is one of the most important sections of civil engineering and the foundation on which all other services depend. It also takes care of the safety and security of the property. In the UK we have a number of companies offering property and construction support services including M+E engineers.

Types Of Building Services Available

There are different types of service offerings for commercial and residential properties. For a residential property, you can get property management, home maintenance, garden care, fencing, heating and ventilation, landscaping and repair, roofing and maintenance and many more. For commercial property, we have property management, electrical, ventilation, plumbing, masonry, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, landscaping and repair and many more. It is therefore important that we have good understanding of all the aspects involved to design and build a property properly.

When it comes to building maintenance, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the building is maintained in a safe and hygienic condition. The property owner should be fully aware of the property maintenance requirements. A good property management service should have an excellent infrastructure for tracking, measuring, monitoring, controlling and reporting property maintenance information. If this is not the case, it may lead to unnecessary delays and expensive repairs.

Therefore, the engineering consultancy company that you employ should have a dedicated team of property maintenance engineers and support professionals to help you monitor and take action when required. One of the main building services companies in Glasgow that meets these criteria are M+E engineers. They offer engineering and building support services and information to support businesses looking to expand and improve their services.

Another aspect is sustainability. This concept is related to the budget, time and energy costs. A property owner cannot just hire anyone for the construction and maintenance. It is better to select those individuals who are fully aware of their responsibilities and have relevant experience in the field. A complete and comprehensive sustainability strategy will include a construction budget, a construction schedule and a maintenance schedule.

Incorporating Energy Efficiency Features

One of the most important aspects is energy efficiency. Again, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that these buildings are highly efficient. In fact, they should set up an energy performance certificate. This helps the client to track and reduce energy costs. Also, there are various green construction techniques and methods which can be adopted to save energy sources and also reduce the carbon footprint.

The latest trend is building services  with a view to conserving natural resources. Some of the best building services engineers and developers implement these innovative strategies in their projects. They use modern technologies to minimize energy losses, prevent heat absorption and reduce heat convection. Some of the techniques such as high-tech air conditioners, solar heating panels and passive solar hot water systems are used to maintain comfortable indoor conditions. M+E engineers use some of the most advanced techniques available. They are seen as the benchmark standard for many building service companies in the UK

Another area which has seen a marked improvement in the last decade is that of energy efficiency. The energy efficiency aspect of buildings includes heat retention, ventilation, insulation, lighting, water efficiency and reduction of noise pollution. Special engineering services are implemented by building services engineers to integrate the latest technology into existing structures to make them more energy efficient.

Another area which requires attention is ventilation. Ventilation systems include air-to-air and air-to-water heat exchangers, effective ventilation grilles, exhaust fans, dehumidifiers and heat pumps. These components not only improve energy efficiency but also make buildings more comfortable. Another aspect which needs attention is building security. Building security consists of providing controlled access to the buildings, controlling entry and exit, maintaining visibility and control of the property. Companies such as M+E engineers can provide these services in addition to a number of other building services.

Changing Building Demands

The demand for low carbon buildings has increased manifold in the past years. Low carbon buildings refer to those constructed with materials that are durable, economical and sustainable. The concept of low carbon buildings was first introduced in the 1980s. The main idea behind this concept is to reduce the accumulation of harmful substances, which is otherwise stored in old buildings. Besides reducing the chances of harmful substances accumulating, low carbon buildings also promote energy efficiency in the construction and design of the buildings, making them very cost effective.

When choosing a building services company, it is advisable to check whether they employ an environmental assessment method while planning a building design or construction process. A good example of this method is the integrated resource management system, which is used to integrate all aspects of the building into one. If you want to build a green building, then this is definitely the way to go about it. You will save a lot on cost and energy, while still ensuring that your property is sustainable and safe.